I SO wanted the Girl Scouts to be an empowering experience for my daughter, but she quit after two years. Her troop did NOTHING except the lamest girly crafts, too! Everything was sort of pre-packaged. Even the community volunteer opportunity was lame. And it was a bit Mean Girls-ish, too. I think the mom who was… » 7/23/14 7:49am Today 7:49am

Haagen-Dazs melts into a liquid. At least the coffee and strawberry does. Its ingredients are pretty straightforward and without emulsifiers and junk. The fat content makes it melt into something thicker than, say, Breyer's. » 7/21/14 11:03pm Monday 11:03pm

I feel sorry for him. Because I do think he means all that, and that he does love North and loves the idea of Kim. It's very sweet how he seems to relish fatherhood. But when that family throws him under the bus, it's gonna get ugly. I wish he had chosen someone else to marry and make the mother of his child. He's… » 7/21/14 12:07pm Monday 12:07pm

Oh, all the time! You know, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but sometimes if there are no black people around, the stores will break out the champagne and let the white people choose an item to take home without paying. Yeah! I got a really cute pair of sandals last week, just for being white. It was totally… » 7/20/14 5:21pm Sunday 5:21pm

I saw the massive shift in opinion when James Franco appeared in a photo holding a puppy. People who had previously called him a pretentious hipster douche suddenly found him hot. Or when a celeb mentions liking marijuana. One single superficial tidbit can make all the difference to people who only see black and white. » 7/19/14 2:30pm Saturday 2:30pm

Okay, so you know how hard it is for women to report and prove rape? That's the loophole. If they can't prove it, they can't get the abortion. And by the time they DO prove it, the pregnancy has advanced too far to perform it legally. » 7/18/14 11:32pm Friday 11:32pm