You can snip skin tags with (sterilized!) nail scissors or cuticle nippers. Google it. There's also a way to tie them off with thread until they die and fall off, but I've never had ones large enough to do that. Just tiny ones. Cut them off and treat them like any other cut, with antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. » 11/18/14 9:30am Tuesday 9:30am

I don't know why anyone would *want* a talk show. I feel like I'm watching Queen Latifah die a little inside every time she has to read one of those little intros. I imagine it's like being expected to dance while being tied to a chair. » 11/18/14 6:43am Tuesday 6:43am

That doesn't even make any sense. Let's say it's true and they DID buy an island off Queensland and turned it into a private amusement park. How fun would that really be? You'd have to take a really long flight to an empty amusement park. No one would want to go, because why spend a day on an airplane to do what you… » 11/17/14 12:01pm Monday 12:01pm